SACS offers Master of Science degrees, Bachelor of Science degrees, Associate of Science degrees, Diploma and Certificate programs in Agriculture and Cooperative Studies. Students may receive the Associate degree and then continue for a bachelor’s degree with no loss of credit. Students must obtain a “C” average in course classes.




SACS’s vision is to be the first choice of students interested in addressing issues relating to Agriculture and the human environment within a sound economic framework. The mission of the School  is to provide programs designed to develop leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators for the global challenges in which agriculture/cooperation plays a significant role. Areas of study include Agriculture Education, Agricultural Business, Food Production, the Human Environment, Agriculture Technology, Community Development, Cooperative Management, Disaster Risk management and Environmental Sciences.


Graduates of this school are well trained for careers in many diverse aspects of agriculture and cooperatives such as government agencies, NGO’s, entrepreneurs, or the private sector. In addition, career choices can be in soil conservation, farm management and operations, agribusiness including agriculture financial agencies/institutions, sales, feed sales, food plant supervision, cooperatives, retail-store management, technical service, Career and Technical Education, and the livestock industry, to name a few. The School will also provide service to the University, community, region, profession, and industry; provide opportunities for faculty/staff/student collaboration in scholarly and creative activities; and engage in continuous improvement processes to ensure its programs, services, and infrastructure are current and relevant.