HIPDET has an outstanding record of achievement in engineering education and provides students with an education that matches their interests with career opportunities in the technological world..  All HIPDET’s engineering and engineering technology programs combine academic experience with cooperative education, which allow students to gain professional experience in industry. Both engineering and engineering technology programs are developed for each student to become a leader in their fields of interest.


The School of Engineering and Technology at HIPDET University are committed to students who apply their engineering education to address the full range of technical and societal problems with creativity, imagination, confidence and responsibility, actively seek out positions of leadership within their profession and their community and to have our graduates serve as ambassadors for engineering by exhibiting the highest ethical and professional standards, and by communicating the importance and excitement of this dynamic field.


The School of Engineering and Technology at HIPDET University strives to produce graduates who:  function as successful professionals in diverse engineering disciplines and enterprises; develop creative, entrepreneurial, and cost-effective solutions to contemporary problems of increasing scope and complexity as their careers progress;  assume increasing responsibilities of technical and/or managerial leadership in their work organizations;  and pursue lifelong learning through a variety of means including graduate education, continuing education, professional training, on-the-job training, and career development.