At HIPDET University’s School of Medical Sciences, our mission is to provide a balanced program of instruction for our students to help them acquire the specialized knowledge and skills they need to take advantage of exciting career opportunities in many of today’s in-demand fields. We at HIPDET continuously update our offerings to best serve the needs of students and employers in today’s dynamic medical environments.


Our curriculum is based upon principles of learning and is designed to train students  who are capable of success in any medical science program. Our goal is to  instill the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and professional attitudes commensurate with best medical practices in the Cameroon and the World. Our graduates become critical thinkers who are committed to life-long learning to adapt to the changing landscape of clinical care. Our graduates can effectively work and serve their communities to bring about positive change in an ever-complex world.


The objective at the School of Medical Sciences is to integrate the teaching of the basic sciences, clinical sciences, public health, and population health to build critical thinking skills,  while offering of a range of learning strategies to maximize student engagement and knowledge retention.  In addition, to provide opportunities for reflective self-assessment and mentoring to support professional development and wellness.