MSEBF develops the competencies of career-focused students to empower them as ethical, insightful, and solution-oriented decision-makers, leaders, and lifelong learners in increasingly complex and diverse global environments. Faculty is supported as practitioners and scholars, committed to innovation in teaching and intellectual contribution. The School of Business and Technology combines an academic emphasis on liberal arts with experiential learning to create global leaders with strong professional skills who act with integrity and a strong sense of social responsibility. The School is broadening its emphasis on international business education, which will include study opportunities in United States, Russia, India, and other locations. The curriculum cultivates ethical development while increasing student engagement through internships, professional organizations, and social activities.



A major objective of this School is the preparation of students of diverse origins and backgrounds to become competent leaders in business, industry, and government in the global marketplace as well as to excel in graduate studies.


What makes tomorrow run? Today’s competitive global marketplace. So, we bring the classroom into the world and the world into the classroom. Our program objectives are to decipher the mysteries of consumer desire. We explore the intersection of function and new ideas. We forecast trends, unravel the complexities of international trade, unlock the secrets of advertising and marketing, and create good global citizens. We shape the future of business and technology.