Doctorate-through-Research (DTR) and/or Doctorate-through-Publication/Portfolio (DTP) programmes allows those professionals who have not followed the traditional academic route toward a doctorate degree to nevertheless obtain the highest academic recognition for having undertaken and produced practically-based, innovative research, and independently developed their research and other related analytical problem-solving skills and subject knowledge up to the Doctoral level. This may also include professionals entering higher education in mid-career, especially in practice-based disciplines such as management, education, public health, psychology, business administration, commerce, law, sciences and many more.

1. Doctor of Management ( D.Man.)

The Doctor of Management programme focuses on developing professionals with higher critical thinking skills in the field of management. It is designed to cater the needs of high-achieving business professionals who which to advance their career as well as personal growth.

2.  Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

The Doctor of Psychology degree is usually pursued by those who are interested in the hands-on, straightforward practice of psychology. The focus of Psych. D programme is to train learners to engage in careers that apply scientific knowledge of psychology and deliver it to individuals, organizations, and society.

3. Doctor of Education (Edu. D)

The Doctor of Education is a degree focuses on higher learning in the field of education. It is a professional degree constructed for experienced educators pursuing educational leadership roles. It is a degree for those who want to lead and implement change within their organizations.

4. Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A)

A doctorate degree in business administration makes one stand out from the crowds, implying to the employer of not only one’s knowledge but also commitment to personal growth and passion of learning. A D.B.A degree goes further by showing the capability of applying high-level business theories into real-life cases and problem solving.