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The International University of Leadership has always been an educational institution inspired by the great success of family members through research and teaching in higher education institutions. During its inception in 1998, the University began as a Training and Consulting group that was called AMS with primary location in Alexandria, Virginia.

The training and consultancy group began to carve a pioneering path in education of adults that would later provide the basis for delivery of higher education. This gave birth to cultural, educational and economic development through affordable high-quality education and growth of the International University of Leadership (IUL).

The Educational Institution named then the American University of Leadership received its initial Florida license in September of 2010 from the Commission for Independent Education at the Florida Department of Education (CIE/FLDOE), License #4347 consenting to the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate of Business Administration.

The educational institution went through a minor name change from “American University of Leadership” to “International University of Leadership” in May 2017 and is now continuously proud to serve students from the state of Florida and from overseas.

Accredited Programs

BBA General Management

BBA Human Resource Management

BBA International Management

BBA Marketing

BSc in Computer Science

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Human Resource Management

Marketing & Communication

Sport Management

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
The DBA program contains courses that are 3 and 6 credit hours each. Program completion requires successful completion of all prescribed courses, completion of research related courses and presenting the final dissertation before a chair/mentor and committee. The entire program is 60 semester credit hours in duration and usually takes 3 years to complete.

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Core Courses: 45 Credits

AUL700-PALeadership Development3
AUL702Entrepreneurial Case studies3
AUL704Cross-Cultural Management3
AUL706Management of Change3
AUL708-PAPlanning for Organizations3
AUL710Entrepreneurial Consulting Project (I and II)6
AUL712Entrepreneurship and Innovation3
AUL714Gender and Management Styles3
AUL716E-Portfolio Planning3
AUL718International Environments Systems Perspectives in Global Organizations3
AUL720Opportunity Analysis3
AUL722Research Instruments Qualitative and Quantitative3
AUL726Global Entrepreneurial Leadership (I and II)6

COMP- Comprehensive Examination- PA (Pass or Fail)

Scholarly Research Project Courses- 15 Credits

AUL724Team Research Project (I and II)6
AUL728Independent Study (I and II)6
AUL730Dissertation Continuance  3

1.  DBA Timeline

– The DBA may not be completed in less than three years. The maximum time allowed is seven years. For optimal benefit, IUL encourages doctoral students to complete the program in three years.

2. DBA Progress Chart Click here

3. COMP Exam

After the completion of all core coursework included in the doctoral program of study, the student is required to pass a comprehensive examination administered by the program department. The examination is in written format and scheduled three times a year at the beginning of each Semester.

Student should fill out the following form to apply for the Exam: Click here

COMP Policy:

Detailed COMP policies can Detailed COMP policies can be found in IUL website under policies or by clicking here: https://www.iulf.education/policies/comp-policy/ Student should be ready to spend at least 4 hours on the examination and will need to comply with all proctoring policies as published in the website.

COMP Grading Rubric

The following scoring rubric will be applied to the Exam.
• Pass – Candidates scoring above 80/100, the equivalent of a B- grade
Once passed, a student is in candidacy status: Transcript is annotated as follows: DOCTORAL COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION PASSED [date of candidacy]
• Fail – Candidates scoring below 80/100, fail the exam but may retake it in the next session. On the second failure of the comprehensive examination, the Academic DirectorClick Here will notify the CAO to authorize a third try.
Doctoral students are allowed to take the Comprehensive exam three times, a third failed examination will annotate the transcript as follows: DOCTORAL COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION FAILED [date of third failure]

4. DBA Dissertation Committee

When students successfully complete all core courses, they will be assigned a dissertation chair/mentor and a Committee to oversee the entire process. Similar to an Advisory Committee, this committee will comprise at least three faculty members with appropriate terminal degrees.

Students may request substitutions or additions to this committee, which must be approved by the CAO and program director. Students work closely with their dissertation committee members through the remainder of their doctoral program.

Doctoral Candidates have the opportunity to nominate one member of the dissertation committee for regular interaction. Selection of a nominee is solely at the discretion of the IUL administration. The University will provide compensation to the local faculty members directly: the student will not bear any additional financial burden for his/her services.

5. Dissertation Proposal Form Click Here

6. IRB – Human Subjects Research Review and Approval Committee

The University is responsible for the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in scholarly research. The Human Participants Committee are responsible and bound by Federal and state regulations mandate that research involving human participants must be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board. The Committee is responsible for providing guidance and oversight for the human participant protection program during the implementation of the IRB and for helping to maintain compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies during doctoral research.

A dissertation is automatically considered to be adding to generalizable knowledge because the University intends to disseminate its contents for the use of others. Therefore, students completing a doctoral dissertation that involve the use of human subjects must submit an IRB application for review and approval. If a student’s doctoral project meets the federal definition of research and involves human subjects as defined by federal guidelines, a review is needed.

The entire scope of activities and policies related to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) may be found in the IRB Policies Manual Click here.

Prior to the initiation of any human research activity, candidates are required to submit an IRB protocol application:  Click here, and the IRB committee will review and decide based on its published process.  Once the application is reviewed and approved, the student moves on to the Research phase.

7. DBA Dissertation Manual Click Here

8. Publication

After the dissertation is approved by the Dissertation Committee, the student must arrange one soft copy to be provided to the publishing website of IUL at http://iulpress.org. IUL will work closely with students to possibly gain publication of the main work in a peer-reviewed, scholarly or other journal or publication of a book, as appropriate.