Master of Science In Innovative Education and Teaching (M.S.IET)

The broad aim of the MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INNOVATIVE EDUCATION & TEACHING is to prepare a more able, efficient, internationally oriented, skilled teaching force. The programme aims at equipping teachers with necessary knowledge and skills, as well as inculcate continuing education mindset to enable them to:

  • Engage in best practices to maximize learning outcomes.- Employ sound educational theories and principles in day to-day teaching and related tasks.
  • Provide creative and flexible opportunity for teachers who are busy, but nevertheless wish to gain an internationally recognized teaching credential to further boost their professional careers in education.
  • Contribute to the overall quality of education by becoming professionally attuned to a wide range of effective educational practices, by identifying and discarding those that are not effective.
  • Be part of a bigger group of professional teacher network that makes up a constructive community of learners aimed at advancing the cause of good education for all, locally and internationally.

The programme structure enables students to acquire the following knowledge and transferable skills:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of educational and psychological theories, principles and concepts that directly or indirectly affect teaching and learning.
  • Critically analyse and verify the application of such theories, principles and concepts in one’s own day-to-day teaching practices.
  • Construct models and plan strategies aimed at improving curriculum delivery Employ assessment techniques that are in alignment with teaching approaches and pedagogic soundness.
  • Develop a sound educational philosophy that would be reflected in every thought- pattern, action plan and execution of lessons.
  • Evaluate contemporary educational ideas and practices and critically examine their relevance, appropriateness, and benefit to improving student learning and achievement.
  • Embrace, practice and advocate for educational best practices that maximize teacher satisfaction and students’ success in learning.