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The University of BAMENDA was created by Decree n° 2010/371 of the 14th December 2010. The last of the eight state Universities in Cameroon as primary concern, to achieve the goals attributed to all the state Universities which include:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Outreach

The mission of UBa is to equip students with universal knowledge in the arts, sciences and technology. It strives to imbue in the students an overt spirit, reflective of critical and constructive thinking, spontaneous to initiatives and enterprise.

The university, to this end, brings the students to sanity as they imbibe, exchange and value ideas within a context of moral integrity and associative life. Its critical agenda is to pursue personal and collegial excellence in teaching, training, research and outreach in the spirit of the Anglo-Saxon tradition without sacrificing the advantages of cultural dialogue.

The learning experience which the university provides to students is the basis upon which students should demonstrate responsible leadership and subscribe to the core values of intellectual insurance responsive to the exigencies of the contemporary environment.

The university, conscious of the dynamic character of science and technology, will continue to strive for innovation in its quest to meet with the ramified demands of our contemporary times

Scope of Agreement

The university of Bamenda supervises our academic activities to assure standards in academic delivery in all our approved programs and courses. This is a statutory requirement in Cameroon for all private higher education institutions. 

The university of Bamenda and HIPDET run joint degree programs from Bachelor to Masters in the following specialties.




Logistics and Transport Management

Banking and Finance

Shipping Administration

Customs and Transit

Secretariat Studies



Medical Laboratory Sciences

Science of Education

Civil Engineering

Software Engineering

Hotel Management


Bakery and Food Processing