The project  addresses the needs of VET providers and stakeholders in the African green energy sector. Our project aims to improve the daily work of participating African organizations by providing knowledge and capacity building. The project emphasizes the need for a wide range of technical and core skills to support an inclusive green transition in two global scenarios: energy transition and circular economy.

The project is executed  with with the joint participation of the following African organizations, including HIPDET (CM), SVK (KE), HiED (KE), PTU (SO), and HiRi (RW), to develop specific skills policies, shape technical and vocational education and training (VET) appropriately, and adapt skills training and active labor market programs to current and future demand. Our well-developed skills anticipation systems will augment these organizations’ ability to identify skills gaps, analyze future training needs, and develop better VETs that are tailored to the labor market requirements in green/renewable energy sectors.